The Silverton
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

“The Silverton” has a train-like beat to it. Think of the sound that you made rattling your box of Good ’N’ Plenty, but a bit more slowly.

She was born one mornin’ on a San Juan summer
Back in Eighteen an’ eighty an’ one
She was a beautiful daughter of the D.&R.G.
And she weighed about a thousand ton

Well it’s a-forty-five mile through the Animas canyon
So they set ’er on th’ narrow-gauge
She drank a whole lotta water an’ she ate a lotta coal
’An they called ’er the Silverton (Silverton train)

Here comes the Silverton, up from Durango
Here comes the Silverton, a-shovelin’ coal
Here comes the Silverton, up from the canyon
See the smoke and hear the whistle blow!

Well now listen to the whistle in th’ rock-wood cut
On th’ high line to Silverton-town
An’ yer gonna git a shiver when ya check out the river
Which is four-hundred feet straight down

Take on some water at the Needleton tank
An’ then a struggle up a two-five grade
An’ by the’ time ya git yer hide past the snow-shed slide
Y’v had a ride on the Silverton (Silverton train)

(Repeat Chorus)

Now down by the station, early in the mornin’
There’s a whole lotta people in line
An’ they all gotta ticket on th’ train to yesterday
An’ it’s a-gonna leave on time

Well it’s a-forty-five mile up the Animas canyon
So they run ’er on the narrow-gauge
She takes a whole lotta water an’ she needs a lotta coal
An’ they call ’er the Silverton (Silverton train)

(Repeat Chorus)

The “D & R G” is the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

These are the lyrics as they’re printed on the album cover, with one difference: the printed lyrics are displayed in ALL UPPERCASE letters. Read the lyrics as transcribed from the album.

“The Silverton” can be found on the album C.W. McCall’s Greatest Hits.