Frequently Asked Questions

Is C.W. McCall: An American Legend the official web site of C.W. McCall?
No. This is a fan-operated site, and it has no official, legal, or moral connection to Bill Fries (the real C.W. McCall, and the guy what wrote the words), Chip Davis (the guy what wrote the music), American Gramaphone (the company what owns the copyrights, mostly), or Universal Music Group or Polydor or Polygram or MGM or Universal Music Group or whatever multi-national megaconglomerate actually distributed the original recordings by C.W. McCall and that is now holding the master tape as hostages.
So, who’s responsible for this site?
Unless I’ve noted otherwise, all of the content on this site was written by me, Ed. Floden. Any opinions which I may make regarding C.W. McCall or C.W. McCall-related topics are my own, and not those of American Gramaphone, Bill Fries, Chip Davis, or any of those aforementioned music companies. I’m do not intend to infringe upon any rights which they have on their material; I’m just a fan.

But Bill Fries likes me, and Chip Davis is vaguely aware of my existence. So there.

Is “Crispy Critters” the Official C.W. McCall Fan Club?
No. The offcial fan club existed ’way back in the dark ages of the 1970s, C.E., and hasn’t done much since. The Crispy Critters are the un-official fan club, with no dues, no membership card, no t-shirt, heck, no nothin’. Maybe I’ll change that some day.
What is TechRen Enterprises?
The bargain-basement operation that runs this place. Technically, TechRen Enterprises is a “DBA” (Doing Business As) company; the man behind the curtain is Ed. Floden, a semi-employed web site massager, audio digitizer, and writer of mediocre fiction, whose current goal in life is to rule the world. Bahahahahaha!
I have a question for Bill Fries. What is his e-mail address?
Like I’m going to tell you.

Not that Bill doesn’t want to hear from you! Bill would like his personal address to be private; but if you have a message for him, send it to and I’ll forward the message. Any reply will come from Bill himself.

Can I send surface mail to Bill?
Sure! Send it to Bill Fries, PO Box E, Ouray, Colorado 81427-0589.
Can I get an autographed picture?
Bill cannot send autographed pictures to his fans; sorry about that, but he doesn’t have any to send. But if you have a picture — or anything else — that you would like Bill to autograph, you may send it to him, if you provide return postage and an envelope or box in which to return the item to you.
Do you sell C.W. McCall albums or songs?
No. But you can buy the currently-available audio CD versions of C.W. McCall’s Greatest Hits, The Best of C.W. McCall, and American Spirit. The Real McCall: An American Storyteller may be available from American Gramaphone; see the Emporium listing .